Regenerative agriculture incubator

Ecosia’s € 500,000 incubator for

regenerative agriculture

We kickstart agricultural projects that build soil and plant trees to fight climate change, demonstrate the financial viability of regenerative practices, protect animal welfare, and produce healthy food.

About the incubator

We’re passionate about turning agriculture from being a major CO2 emitter to a net CO2 sink, while improving ecosystems through regenerative and profitable practices that produce healthy, incredibly tasty food. Reintegrating trees into our agricultural systems is a natural first step!

We acknowledge that in order to get more entrepreneurs started with progressive methods of production, access to land and investment capital needs to be facilitated.

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Interested in applying? Here’s what we care about:


reverse the destruction of top layer soil on our earth

Please explain how you intend to improve soil health on your grounds and to reintegrate trees into your farming practices.



create healthy ecosystems

We do not tolerate animal cruelty and will look out for the candidates’ vision of creating a healthy, respectful ecosystem.



demonstrate viable alternatives to conventional production

Please explain how you intend to make your venture financially sustainable.


For projects to be considered applicants need to provide a coherent land and business plan. A panel of selected international experts will be evaluating all entrants’ work, selecting successful projects and allocating investments in collaboration with the team at Ecosia.