We have created this incubator to catalyse change in global farming practices.

The fund invests in pioneering farming projects anywhere in the world that demonstrate regeneration of soil and financial viability, recreating a healthy, sustainable ecosystem. We believe that regenerating soils and thereby permanently sequestering huge amounts of CO2 worldwide is a key lever in fighting climate change. Practices to regenerate soil are well known and look different in different areas in the world. Some permacultural principles are common to all of them, such as to recreate biodiversity (e.g. plant partnerships instead of monocultures) and to strengthen natural ecosystem services (e.g. protecting soil life instead of ploughing and chemical fertilizer). Let’s show the world what good alternatives to the currently dominating destructive, animal torturing, climate changing forms of food production look like!

In 2018 we teamed up with Richard Perkins to run the first round and had a fantastic group of applicants, of which two received a total of €100,000 investment. From now on we call continuously for applications, with annual selection rounds ending on 15th of December each year.

The pool of €500,000 will be allocated over the next 2 years and may be distributed to any number of projects as we see fit.

The invested capital needs to be returned within 10 years. In addition we are asking for your proposal of a fair profit share. We leave it to you to make a suggestion as to what this may look like in your case. The aim is that revenue from successful projects will support other projects in future application rounds.