Before applying, please consider the following conditions carefully:

  • In order to give us a good idea of your project, please provide detailed documentation, such as a description of your project and yourself (e.g. Holistic Context), including details of existing/proposed sales channels, assumptions for cost and price estimates, strategy for other funding sources etc., a land design with maps and photos and a spread sheet business plan detailing foreseeable cash flows over the next 10 years.  You may also submit an accompanying short video introducing yourself and your farm.

  • We are ideally looking for people who have secured land with concrete plans for it. Capital can be used to kick-start an entirely new project, or to diversify an existing farm. If you are in the process of acquiring land and have a business plan for it, do apply as well and we will see whether we can help you secure financing for the land.

  • Please clearly state the exact amount of capital investment required and detail how this will be utilized. Please note that we are seeking projects we believe will be successful, the capital investment amount does not affect our decision making.

  • Please also clearly state how the money will be returned within 10 years and what you propose in addition as a fair share of profit. We want to support the development of financially viable production methods and will reinvest the returns into new projects like yours. For example, we made agreements in the past that consisted of a first loan period at 7% interest and a second loan period at 0% interest, during which a share of revenue has to be paid back until the repayment is complete. Unlike a bank, we do not ask for any securities and complete or partial repayment could of course be done at any moment without penalties.

  • Besides finance, we can help you with public promotion and access to mentoring from a panel of partnering experts. For that, applicants must agree to have their work posted online after successful screening for public viewing and feedback, as well as to have their project documented and featured through blog/vlog/ social media channels during the investment period.

  • Applicants should be willing to open their site to the public at some time (e.g. organize open days) and be prepared to invest some time to share their knowledge and experience with future waves of incubators (to be discussed).